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Belinda and orphaned roos

It has been nearly 40 years since I won Miss World, and though I have now pretty much retired, I continue to share my life experience through the guest speaking circuit, including my time as Miss World.

My main focus is now volunteer work with two main projects.

The first is the annual ‘Desert Duel’, a car rally with modern 4 wheel drive vehicles, taking people into remote parts of Australia, into the outback and to places they never would normally go to. There are different sorts of extremes, from remote rainforests to deserts to all sorts of things. We do that for about a 10 day trip once a year, and organise it year to year. I love it, as people say it’s a life-changing experience, which is something I can relate to as when you become Miss World, your life can change in a split second.

The car rally raises money in support of the Australia Paralympic team. We survey the route in October, and the map and brochure is sent out at Christmas, with the event usually taking place April-May. This year’s rally will be driving through a very remote part of Tasmania that hasn't been properly opened up to tourists, so it is a chance to go to places you wouldn't normally go on our own. It’s a lot of fun, and I see people have the time of their lives.

I live on a property of 125 acres in New South Wales and I’m very involved with our wildlife. I volunteer as an animal rescue worker and carer, rescuing orphaned animals. I specialise in macropods: kangaroos, wallabies, wallaroos – any of the little fellas with pouches and tails!

Many of the animals come from roadkill; when you check the pouches, sometimes you find one of them still alive inside, so I become a surrogate mother. It’s like having a baby for 2 years, with toilet training, and feeding from a bottle, every 2 hours right through the night. And eventually they are all released into the wild – kangaroos, wombats, and possums.

I’ve gone from wearing the Miss World crown at the Royal Albert Hall in London to wrestling kangaroos in the mud! And I love it, I just love it. It's quite fascinating as several times a week, my phone rings and I have people from America or English backpackers or a German family who are visiting and want to come see the animals.

I am very patriotic, I love this country, and its wildlife is unique and I want to preserve it. I have two daughters, one in London and one in Morocco at the moment, and I want to be a grandmother, but in the meantime caring for these animals will have to do!

I can support up to 10 kangaroos at a time, and have just released 5 back into the wild. You need to release them in groups, as they bond with each other. I call them little mobs and they act just like families, so it is always a little bit sad saying goodbye, even if they don’t look back.

I am part of a registered group called WIRES (Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service). I have done all my training, and locals bring me animals or I am contacted through the organisation, so I get emergency callouts all the time. Only thing I don't do is snakes, but that’s mainly because I haven’t done the training yet. Each situation is very different; sometimes it is sad when there is nothing you can do, but that’s part of the job.

I volunteer my life as I have been blessed for many years. At 50 years old, I decided it was time to give back, and now I’m facing sixty, I still feel it is important we do thatin all our lives, using our time, energy and knowledge in the community.
Breakfast at Glen Echo Roo rescue Special delivery
Belinda Green Roo release

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