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Beauty with a Purpose

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Kimberly Santos - Miss World 1980

Kimberly Santos as Miss World 1980 Three beauties - Miss World 1980 Kimberley Santos, Miss World 1979 Gina Swainson and Mrs Julia Morley, contest organiser - who visited the Sunshine League Home in Bermuda to tell the children they would be getting a bus, bought from the funds raised from the Miss World Contest. Transport had always been a problem for the Sunshine League home and its Matron called the gift a blessing. Julia Morley forground, Gina left in background and Kimberley centre background.

Julia Morley

Miss World proves that pride can be taken in the youth of today - the leaders of tomorrow.

Fully realising the potentials of the competitors and also of the competition, Julia Morley accepted her position as Chief Executive Director of Miss World only after being assured that the contest would be held to aid children around the world.

She initiated the “Beauty With a Purpose” programme and through her travels to every part of the globe and her talks with sponsors and delegates attending Miss World, she has instilled in many of the franchise holders the same enthusiasm and dedication to charity which she shares with her Miss World Team and title-holders.

Whilst it is pleasing to see the help children have received from the monies made from the contest in London it has been even more thrilling to learn of the projects associated with national preliminaries which have led to “Beauty With a Purpose” being adopted by most of the participating nations to help children within their countries.

Annually at Miss World, a prize of £1,000 is now given to the sponsor whose contest best projects the “Beauty with a Purpose” theme and this money is awarded to be donated to a children ’s charity in the chosen country.

The organisers take this opportunity to express their gratitude to all the sponsors, their committee members and their candidates who have diligently worked in their own countries to give “Beauty With a Purpose” its truest meaning.

Every year is the “Year of the Child” with Variety, and it was for this reason that Eric Morley had selected Variety Club to receive the proceeds from Miss World. He felt that Variety does not support any one group of children and that the care of the children is fundamental to all races.

Another reason was that Miss World is show business; it is glamorous and exciting as well as being a competition. Some of the greatest names in the world of entertainment give their names and services entirely free of charge in the interests of deprived children the world over, irrespective of colour, race or creed.

Apart from her travels with her husband, Julia Morley, has made many trips to various countries to visit franchise holders - in most cases to be present for the finals of their national countries. In each country she always takes a great interest in the welfare of the children, visiting hospitals and homes to call on their tiny patients.

When returning to London, she has informed the Variety Club of cases where children need medical help only available in larger cities and her travels have resulted in many children being assured of this attention.

For the past two years, children she discovered on her travels have come to London to be treated and to undergo operations, not only to save their lives but to ensure that they can lead full and ordinary existences.

Julia Morley and her Miss World Team couldn’t be more happy than when a note or letter is received from one of their” wards” to inform of their progress and their new enriched outlook on life.

Just as there will always be wonderful memories of these children and the many others met and helped along the way in spreading “Beauty with a Purpose”, it is with much fondness that the 1980 Miss World Contestants are remembered. Their high spirits made the itinerary and activities backstage a rewarding and exciting part of the contest period.

Exacting rehearsals and show schedules proved no hardship for this group of contestants who thoroughly enjoyed one-another's company and built friendships that will endure through the years.

Once again, on 13th November 1980, a hush will fall across the Royal Albert Hall as the 70 young world citizens step onto the stage, each with one dream, one hope, one desire - that of becoming Miss World.  This dramatic moment is the beginning of an exciting show filled with the music of Phil Tate and his orchestra, excellent entertainment, suspense, and an audience with pride in the youth of the world. The moment is repeated in cities, large and small, across the world as the 70 nations seek their representatives to the Miss World Contest in London.

Providing some 70,000 young women each year with the opportunity to participate in local, state and national Miss World preliminaries, are untold thousands of civic workers who contribute their time, talents, efforts and enthusiasm to this programme.

These men and women, who are our sponsors, are people who believe in the youth of the world and understand the importance of affording young people a “showcase” to display their talents, to voice their opinions and their ambitions and to gather together and share a mutual experience which will increase their poise and self confidence. To our “ Contest Family” around the world, we salute your commitments and thank you for playing the most important role in organising and producing this effort of international proportions known as The Miss World Contest.

Julia and children in the bus.

Kimberly Santos - Miss World 1980

My year as Miss World began in not quite the usual way. If you remember it was Miss Germany who won the title and I who came second. I couldn’t believe my luck, after being named one of the fifteen semi-finalists. I was just floating all night, and didn’t pay much attention to the little speech on how important my position in the contest was, in the event that Miss World 1980 could not fulfil her duties. Well…

The next day I flew home to Guam eager to share my excitement. When I landed in Los Angeles I was paged and told to call a man I didn’t know. Out of curiosity I called, and was told to go buy a newspaper. I ran off to see what he was talking about, got to the paper stand and saw the headline “Miss World Resigns”. The story went on to say that the title would be offered to me. I couldn’t believe it, as a matter of fact I didn’t believe it, so I called Julia Morley right away to see if it was true. She told me it was, and I was to go home and let it all sink in. It was so wonderful getting home, everyone was so excited. Guam is a very small, sunny island, with a population of about 100,000 beautiful, happy people, and I think just about every one of them called my house to wish me luck. The support was wonderful and later when it was decided that I should be crowned on Guam, the government declared it a holiday so that everyone could attend the ceremony. Julia Morley and Mary Stavin, Miss World 1977, flew to Guam to do the crowning. It was a beautiful sunny day, as usual. The crowning was to take place on the beach so I arrived on a beautifully decorated catamaran surrounded by sailboats carrying singing guitarists. The whole ceremony was beautiful. I couldn’t believe it was really happening, and with the well wishes of everyone I returned to London. I remember sitting on the plane, kind of sacred, and asking Mary all kinds of silly questions about how to be Miss World.

First, I’d just like to say that I’ve done many things in my year, too numerous to mention, but I’d like to thank sincerely all the people who worked so hard to make my visits very enjoyable and interesting for me.

My first trip aboard was to Holland where I was a guest on a TV show which was interviewing the winners of different types of competitions throughout the year. It was very interesting and I even met a lady bodybuilding champion.

I love the South and Central American countries because of their funloving people and the colour and liveliness of the culture. So I was very excited when I got the opportunity to do a three week tour of some of those countries. In Venezuela I did a TV show which had run a competition in which the winner got a visit from Miss World. The family I visited prepared some of the local dishes and I spent a fantastic evening trying to communicate with them.

In Guatemala I had the privilege of meeting President Lucas, who was an extremely friendly and interesting man. I even visited a coffee and pig farm and learned how coffee was grown and processed. I found the pig farm quite interesting since I own a pig myself.

Each evening we did a fashion show with the proceeds going to a local children’s charity. We visited an orphanage and one little boy sang to us in English, the only one he knew.

In Costa Rica the ladies club gave a luncheon for handicapped kids which was a lot of fun.

During the year I did a lot of work with handicapped children in various countries and the courage and high spirits of these children always amazed me.

Shortly after I returned from South America - enough time to wash all the dirty clothes you collect whilst travelling - I was off to beautiful Scotland. Even though I didn’t always understand what the Scots were saying the people were warm and friendly. We drove from Glasgow to Dunbar so I got to see quite a bit of the countryside. In Dunbar we went to the Belhaven Brewery, where at one time King Ludwig used to use the well which Belhaven now use to make their beer. I was shown the whole process of making beer, and afterwards got to sample some real boys beer in the local public house.

In May Julia Morley and I were off on what for me was a real adventure. I think every kid dreams of going to Africa and seeing real wild animals and tribal dances. Well Zimbabwe was everything I thought it would be. We went on safaris almost every day, I visited a bush camp in the jungle and learned how to cook beautiful chicken, using elephant dung and leaves. We travelled all over Zimbabwe with Shirley Nyanyiwa who was Miss Zimbabwe 1980. She was a wonderful guide and friend. (One of the most wonderful things I have ever seen was Victoria Falls). In Salisbury there is a school called SASCAM, for the care of African mentally handicapped children. The teachers are doing an amazing job even though there are no books or material for the children to work with. Happily several months later, by chance, Julia Morley was able to send several thousand children’s books, with the help of Variety Club who paid for the shipping, from an American pastor who had the books in his basement and didn’t know what to do with them. I thought it was great that this happened. Sometimes we, as individuals, cannot do anything, but by being interested and caring we can bring a lot of things to the attention of organisations who can help.

In July I was lucky enough to accompany the Morley family on holiday to Bermuda. Whilst we were there Julia and I went to an orphanage called the Sunshine Home. Julia invited the kids back to the hotel for a swim and to eat lunch in the restaurant. We all had a great time in the pool and afterwards all the kids sat down and ordered what they wanted for lunch. When the meal came they looked each other’s plates, saw something they liked and ordered again.

One little boy at my table had hamburger and chips, chicken and chips, steak and chips and a side order of chips. He ate every bit of it too, of course leaving room for dessert. It was amazing!!

By the end of July, like the rest of the world, I was anxiously awaiting the Royal Wedding. You can imagine my excitement when I received an invitation from the Lord Mayor of London to attend a Ball to commemorate the Royal Couple. It was a wonderful, memorable evening and I was given the honour of sitting next to the Lord Mayor with Prince George of Denmark.

Travelling on a coach, I was able to see quite a bit of the New Zealand countryside. With the sixteen Miss New Zealand finalists and several bands including the famous Coasters, we travelled all over the North and South Islands, performing a fashion and entertainment show. I was also the co-compere of the Miss New Zealand final and after doing my part I left the stage. To get to the dressing room quickly I decided it was faster to crawl behind the stage. I crouched down with my shoes in my hand and my evening dress bunched up around my neck. I had forgotten that the people in the balcony could see behind the stage and halfway across I heard laughter and clapping. I looked up, horrified, to see the whole of the top balcony staring at me. Boy did I feel stupid!

After five days in London to replenish supplies, I was again off to Singapore and Malaysia for my final tour as Miss World. It was fascinating to see the different way people live, especially since Singapore and Malaysia are not far from Guam. I visited the Chinese market and I got to meet three of the children who earlier came to London through Variety Club to have heart surgery. It was an interesting trip and we were also guests at the Miss Singapore and Miss Malaysia Contests.

This has been just a brief summary of some of the things I have done during my year. It’s been a very fast, dream-like year for me. I was lucky and privileged enough to do and see things that might otherwise have been unobtainable to me. I will always be grateful to everyone who helped me gain as much as I could out of my year. This, of course, means Terri Crozier, Ray Millross, Eddie Crozier and the rest of the Miss World Office. You cannot imagine how much work and thought goes into the Miss World Contest so that the contestants have a good time whilst they are in London.

Now I come to what has been, for me, the very best thing about my year. When I first came back to London I moved in with the Morley family, temporarily, but since they have never kicked me out I have ended up living there all year and its been great for me. They have been very patient and extremely kind. Of course I must also thank Kathryn, John, Stephan, Michael and Julian for all the laughs and fights and, of course, company. I love you all.

Last but certainly not least I would like to thank my family for being supportive and wonderful during this past year.

Kimberley Santos, Miss World 1980

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Julia Morley



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